Sunday, 27 January 2013

Are blogs worth the time.

I love to write. I wrote a book. I'm always thinking of things to write about when I'm not reading some one elses book or post. Ive had this blog now for a few weeks, not many. I wonder if it is even worth the effort. I've looked at some other blogs and even the few that I have really liked seemed to have no followers, no comments, just heartfelt words languishing in obsurity on the web. In some ways it is a depressing thought. People with some genuinely great things to say but no audience to listen because they are too busy writing instead of promting themselves.
I won't lie. My main reason for starting up this blog was to promote my book and my theory and hopefully change the world of science while hopefully paying off the bills. I have found that if I look at the top of my blog there is a little button that says next blog. I hit it often but for some reasone it only allows me to see a few blogs before I end up stuck at some internet dead end. Most of the blogs I get have nothing to do with my subject matter. One blog i keep meaning to revisit is NOT DEAD YET!  
Sounds like a great name for a blog.Ther's another one called Mifune's ghost. A few hundred posts by a struggling screen writer whi is battling alcoholism. His posts go on for several years and then end in 2010 without another single word and I wonder what may have happened to him. I wonder if he is still alive. So tell me if anyone is reading this right now I wasting my time?

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