Sunday, 6 January 2013

Brian Greene is a string theorist who is now holding the teaching position once held by Stephen Hawkins. Greene is a very smart man when it comes to complex mathematical ideas. I bought the book he wrote called "The Elegant Universe". I searched all over for it because some reporter who in hindsite knew nothing about string theory hyped up the book as a solution to the search for a "final unified theory that explained everything". I was sadly disappointed. Nothing is elegant about string theory even if you take the time to understand it.
To me if you are a world famous scientist and you write a book you should never start off by paroting a very illogical stance no matter how accepted it is. If you start off with an explanation of the Earth being flat and then go into that stance being above reproach then your credibility is shot by those who know better. No Greene didn't say the Earth was flat but he did say that eveything seeks disorder and that disorder is called entropy. Let's be clear about something; there is no such thing as disorder. Everything happens for a reason.
Greene used an example of a room that is all nice and tidy. Books and papers and furniture all in order. He says that left alone the room can only go into more and more disorder. This is hardly true in a scientific sense. Disorder is an opinion not a physical condition that occurs on it's own. No matter what happens in the room the laws of physics and chemistry will apply. I'm sure that Green understands this but it is not a minor point. everything seeks equilibrium. Everything. Inorganic matter will always seek the lowest level of  equilibrium while consciousness will always seek the highest level of equilibrium that it perceives as beneficial to it. Watch Brian Greene on talk about string theory

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