Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Steven Hawking's Birthday

Today is Steven Hawking's birthday. Ive read all of his books. He's the most famous scientist alive today and I disagree with him on many things. This would make it seem as though I must not have a clue but lets take one example of Hawking's flaws when it comes to reasoning. When asked if time travel, that is traveling back in time were possible, Hawkings replied that because no one has visited us from the future that this is evidence that it is not possible. Perhaps he was just being coy, dismissive or patronizing. Who knows. The answer though is as silly as the question and very incorrectly reasoned.
Hawkings should have said that the idea of traveling back in time is silly and should be confined to science fiction stories. After all the concept of traveing back in time violates every rule of cause and effect not to mention conservation of energy, the impossibility of multiple universes existing much less existing similtaneously in an infinite number of possibilities.Instead he said something that awed the easily amazed. 
Let's assume that time travel is possible. This would mean that if we believed Hawking's explanation then we would have to assume that there is no beginning to time and that everything has already been played out. By this I mean, if time travel were possible then it would become possible the day it were discovered. Only after this point in time would someone be able to return to the past. If we all exist in the present and we discover a time machine then and only then could we go back to earlier versions of ourselves. This of course is just fantasy as if there were a past to go back to then that would mean the big bang would be re-occuring every milisecond and that everything you did would be repeating itself infinitely in aninfinite number of dimensions.
Hawking's didn't say that though and if you take the time to read all of his writings and theories you will find an excellent mathematical mind that, like his physical body, cannot explain correct answers to his correct mathematical results. Black holes? They are areas in space that have a lack of photons which is why the temperature of them are 0 degrees Kelvin. Simple answer but one that Hawkings seem to be unable to fathom. Happy Birthday Professor Hawking's, perhaps you are celebrating this day in an infinite number of dimensions. I doubt it. What do you think?

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