Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Science and religion

In an effort to publicise my book I've taken my publishers advice to join mor eonline discussion groups that relate to the topic of my book. Because my book is a theory of everything I'm not short on ideas of which groups to join. One group i chose to join on facebook is the Global Secular Humanist Movement. It seemed like the perfect place to meet scientists or atleast scientific minded people. After just a few days I am simply not impressed with the sites administrator and neither are many others. It just seems as though religious fanatics and atheistic fanatics all seem to have a know it all mean streak in them. You cannot overlook their "Your an idiot because you don't see things my way" attitude.
Hard core atheists always seem to be people who are just angry at life. Don't get me wrong. I roll my eyes and bite my tongue when I hear someone trying to tell me that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that the bible must be taken to be 100% true. To say that the story of Job or Jonah is not metaphorical and intended to be inspirational just doesn't fly with me. But equally so is the assertion that consciousness can not exist absent a body. I'm not saying God but rather stressing consciousness.
String theorists get all excited if you ask them about multiple dimensions. They are not sure how many there supposedly are but their mathematical formulas swear that they exist. In a sense they are just as religious as any Christian or Muslim. I guess one reason why people believe in God is because no one can even remotely answer the question of how everything began or why anything even exists. Our existence is a paradox in itself. We are like a 5 year old who says "why" when told "it all started with a big bang".
Instead of thinking of consciousness residing in a brain I ask myself if there is consciousness in a single celled animal with no brain. Look at any videos of a sperm in fluid and it somehow swims towards an egg and fertilizes it with no brain. Nothing but DNA and fluid. So tell me, is there consciousness in DNA? There sure is something and if consciousness can exist in a fluid or DNA then you have to wonder. Atleast I do.

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