Friday, 11 January 2013

Google, languages, and books

Yesterday, thanks to the geeks at Google I was able to translate my book into Spanish. Estado del Verde Dinamica.I know some Spanish but not alot. With a Spanish last name and relatives from Salamanca, Spain you would think I would be halfway fluent in it. I unfortunately have a condition known as wantstoknowitall. Some people have called me a knowitall but at best I'm just a wanna be knowitall. My condition which is fuelled by my ADD causes me to want to learn everything. And so all my life I've wanted to learn every language possible. Considering I am one of those who goes to the kitchen for a coke and comes back with a napkin it hasn't been easy for me to learn much of any language. I am very knowledgeable of linguistics and spell checkers have made me very lazy.  Between calculators and spellcheckers and Google's instant translators I just cannot get too motivated to learn advanced math, new languages or spelling big words.
Some people would think that by relying to much on technology that we will all become dumber. I disagree. I love to learn but there are just too many subjects that are a waste of time. I've written a book that I believe can and one day will change the face of science. It doesn't contain a lot of big words or mathematical equations. It doesn't have to.
 By the time you read this my book will be translated into another language at the rate of hopefully 1 to 2 languages a day. Google translator will help me to do this. There's no doubt in my mind that each translation will have grammatical and spelling errors which is why each foreign language edition will be free until the issues are resolved. Readers will be encouraged to help in translating in exchange for credit. My theory will be able to spread while at the same time promoting my ideas in every language possible. My one book will have a target audience of over 6 billion people. It will even be available in hieroglyphics, Latin, Chinese, Cherokee and Esperanto. Green State Dynamics may not become a household phrase but if you want to read about it you won't have to worry about learning a new language thanks to Google. Now let me run this threw the spellchecker so I can post it :)

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