Saturday, 5 January 2013

I love TED. No TED isn't a person. It's a web site full of educational videos at "Ideas worth spreading" is in big print at the top and true to its promise the site has a lot of people with a lot of different ideas. Some of them are real eye openers. Some are by people who ared the most educated people on the planet who unfortunately don't have a clue. I watched on of these people the other day on string theory. .
If you watch it don't worry if you don't understand it because the scientist who proposed the Higg's boson particle, which is the topic of this video, said himself that he has no clue what the discovery of the particle would mean.

Now the reason why i think that this string theorist doesn't have a clue is becausetheir theories (and there are many string theories) just don't make any sense even to those who understand them. There is nothing elegant about them.They rely on different numbers of imaginary unproven dimensions and most importantly they never mention where equilibrium plays into any of there computations. Now you can use a multibillion dollar particle accelerator all day long as they do to smash particles but no matter how pretty or accurate your data is, it is nothing more than data from a man made event. There are no particle smashers in nature. These scientists smash together particles using up enormous amounts of man made energy and then they expect the world to get all excited when they claim that they discovered some particle that has a "life" of less than 1 quintillionth of a second.
How anyone can take this seriously is beyond reason. More tomorrow.

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