Sunday, 20 January 2013

Promoting a book.

In all of the years I was researching and writing my book, I never put much time into researching self publishing or self promotion. To me that would have been like putting the cart before the horse. I'm learning fast now on how to do this. I've produced a short little animated video using
Storytelling | Xtranormal.
It was basically free for the first video. I took it and then edited it in MS Movie Maker. I've put the link to the video on my Smashwords page and on my facebook page. I came up with "Sand Dancer Publishing" and created a facebook page for it as well. Here's that link.  Sand-Dancer-Publishing

In case anyone is wondering why I chose the name Sand Dancer it is because anyone who is from South Shields, England is referred to as a Sand Dancer. My wife is one. Me I'm a "scouser": someone born in Liverpool, but that's a whole different story. If you can check out my little video and the facebook and if you have any ideas for me on further promotional ideas, feel free to let me know.

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