Thursday, 3 January 2013

Introducing Green State Dynamics

So here I am with my very own first blog site hoping to promote my new book  "Green State Dynamics". The name of the book is the name of the theory that I have developed after years of studying and research. I'm very proud of what I have came up with and I believe that my theory is the simplest explanation of everything all wrapped up into one tidy theory. Ill introduce my theory tomorrow. if anyone is reading this right now and is even slightly interested, I'll give you a hint. Take any book on physics and wherever you see the word "force" change it to the word disequilibrium and see what you get. if you have to change the other words too, thats fine but use the word disequilibrium instead of the word force. After all what does the word force really mean? Does an atom really have a force? Or does it have an equilibrium or disequilibrium?


  1. This book is a theory of everything and it is based on a very simple concept. Everything from atoms to gravitation, psychology, economics and sociology to name a few are all easily explained in terms of equilibrium and disequilibrium. This book is about how re-examining the use of the word "force" and "disorder" can solve the biggest problems in the sciences and social sciences today.This book unites not only gravity with the other four "forces" but unites everything together around the concept that all "forces" are merely different forms of equilibrium and disequilibrium.
    In this book you will learn what string theory, gravitation, politics, economics and psychology all have in common. Everything has a green state and a green state is a state of equilibrium that is dependent not only upon the subjsect in question but upon its surroundings. Written in siomple everyday language Green State Dynamics will help you to understand the validity of any theory you apply it to. If you are involved in any type of sciences, social sciences or in any type of research the question is not if you will read this book, but rather when.

  2. Sir is there any kind of proof showing the presence of photons in a dark room as suggested in your book.